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Case Studies – What Will You Power In 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024 and looking back at previous case studies

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We absolutely love producing case studies on what Tracer batteries power. We appreciate the essential role batteries play, but what truly brings them to life is hearing about the incredible applications they power. This is where we realise how incredible they truly are! As we look ahead to what is promising to be an exciting 2024, we reflect on some of our favourite projects from previous years.

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Past Case Studies

Harp Case Study Thumbnail

Keeping Conversations Safe On-The-Go

The HARP Speech Privacy System is used mainly by Government Departments to protect classified conversations from unwanted listeners & recordings. Santor Security use the Tracer BP2545 to power their privacy system on-the-go.

When speaking to the team at Santor it was great to hear how the robust ABS case of the Tracer LiPo Range withstood the daily rigours endured through use form some of the worlds top agents.

More recently, Santor have switched to using the Tracer 12V 8Ah LiPo. Being under 100Wh this allows them to be carried as hand luggage on commercial flights.

Slowmo 24v 20ah Carry Case Kit Case Study Thumb

Powering High Speed Ballistics Video

We were thrilled, if not slightly concerned, when we heard that Slowmo Ltd were using our BP2785 in high ballistics settings, to power their electronics during munitions testing.

Much of Slowmo’s defence work unfolds in remote ranges for testing weapons, ordnance, munitions, and explosives. Given the scarcity of power outlets in these areas, a portable, all-weather 24V power source is essential when capture high-speed motion imperceptible to the human eye, enabling in-depth analysis beyond our natural capabilities. Using the Photron high-speed cameras with Tracer Power BP2785 24V 20Ah LiFePO4 Carry Case Kits, they record footage at astounding speeds of up to 1,000,000 frames per second.

Blog Thumbnail Lumiere

Lighting up Durham Lumiere 2023

When we got the phone call from Artichoke Trust, enquiring if we could help power one of the Durham Lumiere Installations we jumped at the opportunity to offer our expertise.

The turnaround was pretty tight to deliver 2 of our 12V 100Ah Li-ion Carry Case Kits, but working with Internationally acclaimed Light Artist – Mick Stephenson was an absolute pleasure and after some slight adjustments (from both sides) we successfully powered his installation for every session of Lumiere 2023. With Durham Lumiere being on our doorstep it was an incredible opportunity for the team to visit and see the Diamond Garden installation and our batteries in-situ.

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