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Tracer LiPo Powered HARP Speech Privacy System

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Powered by the Tracer 12V 10Ah Lithium Polymer battery, the HARP Speech Privacy System uses cutting-edge technology that allows users to carry their voice privacy with them, ensuring that their classified conversations are protected from unwanted listeners and recordings, wherever they go. 

A World of Microphones 

Every smart device is now equipped with a microphone to help make our lives easier. Adding an appointment to a calendar can be done with a few words with a smart speaker; communicating on-the-go handsfree is now easy using wireless headphones; even instructing delivery drivers through a doorbell is now possible with the latest technology. While all of this is incredible, it is making truly private spaces almost impossible to find. Throw into the mix purposefully designed covert listening devices built into pens, cufflinks and other wearables, and our private conversations really do have no place to hide. 

Santor Security is committed to protecting confidential conversations with their revolutionary HARP Speech Privacy System. This system uses cutting-edge technology to block unauthorized recordings and eavesdropping during confidential and classified conversations, ensuring the privacy of sensitive information. The patented technology is trusted and used by governments, military, and institutions worldwide to protect vital information from unwanted listeners and recordings. With its track record of success, the HARP Speech Privacy System is the benchmark of audio privacy technology. 

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The Challenge: Provide a portable and lightweight power solution that stands up to daily use in the field.

Santor recognised that confidential conversations happen in various locations where power sources aren’t available. To address this, they looked to extend the flexibility of the HARP system with the addition of an external power supply. With so many options to choose from, they considered several factors when making their decision. A rechargeable power source was essential to make it a cost-effective accessory. While portability and safety were also paramount as the HARP system would be carried, on a person, while protecting conversations on-the-go. 

“The Tracer Lithium Battery Pack offers the portability and flexibility that HARP users need, enabling them to have secure conversations on the move and in public spaces. “

Santor Security

The Solution: A Tracer BP2545 – 12V 10Ah Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

Santor decided upon the Tracer 12V 10Ah Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Battery Pack due to its superior lightweight and compact size. The high energy density of LiPo provides reliable and long-lasting power in a format 1/4 of the weight of Lead Acid to maximise portability. 

Housed in a robust ABS case, the Tracer BP2545 provides a safe power source that can withstand the drops and bumps expected during daily use. Being readily available and UN38.3 Certified Santor were able to quickly and simply offer the Tracer BP2545 as an accessory to their HARP system. Saving them time and money on product development and integration. 

The Tracer TR8132 Bullet to 12V Socket connects the battery to the HARP system using a DC 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter to give the user ultimate flexibility when keeping conversations private. 

The Tracer Lithium Battery Pack offers the portability and flexibility that HARP users need, enabling them to have secure conversations on the move and in public spaces. 


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