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The Tracer 12V 8Ah Lithium Polymer Battery Pack offers a surprising amount of power in a small package. Our customers frequently purchase this battery to power their CPAP machines while travelling abroad. They are perfect for international travel at 96Wh (under the 100Wh limit imposed by most airlines). That being said, we would always recommend you double check with your airline before purchasing for this purpose.

These 8Ah batteries are also used extensively in set lighting, noise monitoring and remote surveillance applications.

Deciding between a LiPO or a LiFePO4 battery pack?

LiPo is usually the go to choice if you need the smallest and lightest battery pack possible. LiFePO4 offers a more stable voltage drain and over 4x longer lifespan, but costs slightly more and is a bit of a heavier and bulkier battery pack. Please consider the main factors required for your application or project based on this information.

Please Note: If using with a CPAP machine, always confirm with the manufacturer what additional cables may be needed.


Weight 600 g
Dimensions 152 × 80 × 38 mm



Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

Nominal Voltage




Charge Time

4 – 6 Hours (Fast Charger), 8 – 12 Hours (Standard Charger)


300+ Cycles

Watt-Hours (Wh)


Maximum Continuous Discharge


Max Peak Current (for 10mS)


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Charging Voltage


Temperature Range (Charging)

0ºC – 45ºC

Temperature Range (In Use)

-10ºC – 60ºC

Self Discharge Rate

< 0.5% per day

GTIN 5038120254435
MPN BP2544

What's in the Box

The Range

Tracer BP2541 12V 4Ah Lithium Polymer Battery

Tracer BP2541 12V 4Ah LiPo Power Pack

Tracer BP2544 12V 8Ah Lithium Polymer Battery

Tracer BP2544 12V 8Ah LiPo Power Pack

Tracer BP2545 12V 10Ah Lithium Polymer Battery

Tracer BP2545 12V 10Ah LiPo Power Pack

Tracer BP2546 12V 14Ah Lithium Polymer Battery

Tracer BP2546 12V 14Ah LiPo Power Pack

Tracer BP2548 12V 22Ah Lithium Polymer Battery

Tracer BP2548 12V 22Ah LiPo Power Pack

Voltage 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V
Capacity 4Ah 8Ah 10Ah 14Ah 22Ah
Watt Hours 48Wh 96Wh 120Wh 168Wh 264Wh
Dimensions 76 x 115 x 32 mm 80 x 152 x 38 mm 80 x 152 x 48 mm 115 x 161 x 56 mm 115 x 161 x 56 mm
Weight 360 g 600 g 735 g 950 g 1250 g
Charge Times (Hours) – 1.65A 2 – 3 8 – 12 9 – 14 10 – 16 14 – 20
Charge Times (Hours) – 3A N/A 4 – 6 4 – 7 5 – 8 7 – 10
Run Times (Hours) – 100W N/A 0.75 1 1.5 2
Max Discharge Current – Continuous 4A 8A 10A 10A 10A
Max Discharge Current – Peak (for 10ms) 20A 30A 30A 30A 30A

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  1. By david jones on

    I have had the 12 v 8AH model great for me as I use it on the aircraft its 96 wh so under the max 100 permitted , unfortunately I lost my carry case for it so be careful when they take it out to check the ah capacity . I,ve had mine 3 years and still great , I hope my review helps

    • By Aaron Tracer Power on

      Hi David,

      Thank you for the review of our battery and very sorry to hear you’ve lost your carry case.
      If you’d like a replacement we can arrange this.
      Please get in touch via our contact form.

      Best Regards

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