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Tracer Power’s rechargeable lithium batteries have been used by professionals for over 15 years. As a company though, we’ve been providing custom battery solutions to industry for over 25 years. During that time, we have gained valuable experience in powering applications across numerous sectors.

From our LiPo Battery Packs being used in the film industry, to our LiFePO4 Modules being used to power medical equipment; our high performance lithium batteries have proven themselves time and again as the most reliable and robust rechargeable battery solution available.

Providing Lithium Battery Power For…

Noise Monitoring Battery


Tracer Powers range of lithium batteries are used throughout the construction sector to provide versatile and reliable power to professional equipment. The lightweight nature and ruggedness of our lithium batteries offers easy portability around site, either inside or alongside the application. They are mostly trusted on building sites around the world to power noise, vibration and dust monitoring but are also used in other construction applications like lifespan management robots, site security and lighting.

Emergency Services

Tracer Power works regularly with all emergency services and provides large numbers of 12V and 24V rechargeable lithium battery solutions on their behalf every year. In all emergencies there is no room for unreliable power in devices that ultimately could save someone’s life or prevent a serious incident from occurring. 

Portable Power For Emergency Services

Lighting Cart Rail Lithium Battery


Our rugged 12V lithium batteries are used to power LED lighting equipment globally in various sectors including security, media production, retail and construction.

Manufacturing OEM

Working with global manufacturer partners and OEM customers on a daily basis; Tracer Power is suitably placed to understand and deal with the challenges design engineers and product development professionals face when it comes to specifying batteries for increasingly power-hungry devices.

Smart Traffic Sign Battery Power

Sound Cart Batteries

Media Production

Tracer Powers range of lithium batteries are used in the production of television, cinema and other forms of media. Their lightweight and reliable nature makes them an ideal choice for professionals to power props, lighting, sound equipment and equipment.

Medical Equipment

With over 25 years of supplying batteries to the medical sector, our 12V rechargeable lithium batteries are the latest power solution, capable of delivering over 2000Wh. Providing portable power solution to enable reliable stress-free operation of potentially life-saving medical devices.  

Battery Powered Medical OEM

Rapid Deploy Camera Power

Surveillance and Security

Tracer Powers 12V & 24V rechargeable lithium batteries are used in a wide array of applications across the security sector including security lighting, surveillance and rapid deployment CCTV. They are often deployed in commercial property, vehicle fleets or out on the open road, rail, or air network.

Marine, Sport & Outdoor

Our customers choose the Tracer Power range to enhance their outdoor and sporting activities. From the initial novice to the most seasoned professional, our lithium batteries provide a stable voltage and power over long periods of time, making them ideal for astronomy telescopes, boat electrical systems to supporting unique hobbies such as lepidoptery.

Marine Lithium Batteries

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