Rugged Lithium Batteries Built for Construction Applications

Our rugged lithium batteries are trusted on construction sites around the world to power equipment including noise, vibration and dust monitoring systems.

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Tracer Powers has revolutionized the construction sector with our range of rechargeable lithium batteries, providing versatile and reliable power to professional equipment. Acousticians, in particular, rely on our batteries to monitor sound and vibration on building sites worldwide. The lightweight nature and ruggedness of our lithium batteries offer easy portability around the site, whether it’s inside a structure or alongside the application.

Trusted by acousticians, Tracer batteries power noise & vibration monitoring systems, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis. However, their applications extend beyond acoustics. They are also widely used in other construction areas, such as dust monitoring, lifespan management robots, site security, and lighting.

Tracer lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), lithium polymer (LiPo) and lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries are all designed to the highest standards, with an internal battery management system that ensures the battery remains safe and reliable for users in all conditions.  

Tracer Batteries use in Construction Applications

Noise Monitoring Battery

Our Tracer LiPo range is often seen as the best battery for environmental noise monitoring solutions. Being the lightest and most compact battery in our range, they’re ideal for fitting inside desecrate equipment. Our batteries have been used to power noise monitoring terminals that meet the requirements of ISO140, BB93 and ISO9614 standards.

Vibration Monitoring Battery

The Tracer Lithium-ion Carry Case Kits are popular batteries for vibration monitoring systems for structural integrity. The IP67 rated case allows the battery to thrive in harsh outdoor environments. While their high-capacity options allow for extended power, meaning less site visits. They are used to help sites comply with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

Vibration Monitoring Structural Integrity Battery

Cable Tension Robotic Battery

Inspection & Maintenance Robotics Battery

As construction projects get bigger and more complex, robotics is becoming more commonplace. Robots are used in hard-to-reach scenarios to inspect areas where it would previously mean closing operations, months of planning and increased safety measures. A compact and lightweight battery is key to ensuring performance and reliability. Our Tracer LiPo Battery Pack range is used in bridge cable inspection robots.

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