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Compact Lithium Batteries for Media Production

Tracer Powers range of lithium batteries are used in the production of television, cinema and other forms of media. Their lightweight and reliable nature makes them an ideal choice for professionals to power props, lighting and sound equipment.

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As film and television explore new, exciting ways to engage viewers at home in on the action. Productions are becoming more elaborate and creative with an increase on on-location filming. Tracer Power is focused on providing off grid, reliable power for film and television productions, with our 12V lithium batteries powering a diverse range of equipment to a wide array of customers in this sector.

Tracer Batteries for Media Production

Batteries for Set Lighting & Props

Using our compact & lightweight 12V Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery Packs to power props, removes the hazard of tripping over wires on set.

With a robust ABS case our LiPo range can withstand the demanding environment of movie sets. They are trusted by many leading production companies to power set lighting and props both in the studio and on location – available in 12V 4-22Ah models.

For more power-hungry productions we also offer 12V 40-170Ah LiFePO4 Modules and Carry Case Kits.

Portable Soundcart Power

Sound is incredibly important to enhancing the atmosphere in film and television production. Much of the recording equipment requires portable power so that sound can be captured on location. Our LiFePO4 Carry Case Kits are a popular choice for powering Soundcarts.

Experienced Production Sound Mixer Judi Lee-Headman continues to use a Tracer LiFePO4 Carry Case Kit when delivering the highest quality of location sound to world-class, award-winning television productions of up to 100 million viewers. They have even powered her kit in the extreme heat of the Sahara Desert.

Costume Design Batteries

The incorporation of LED lighting in costume design is becoming extremely popular to make them stand out and add that extra theatrical pop. To power the lighting requires the most compact and lightweight battery technology so that it can be easily hidden within the costume.

Our 12V Lithium Polymer Battery Pack range has been used to power costume lighting in theatre and on hit television shows.

Need Battery Advice?

If you need advice choosing the right Tracer Power battery for your application, our expert team are here to offer advice.