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This Neutrik Plug to XLR 4 Pin Socket provides a simple solution for those wanting to go from Neutrik to XLR 4 pin. This is a popular adaptor in the sound industry but can be used in any application where XLR 4 pin is present.

Please note: Both Neutrik and XLR connectors can be wired up a number of different ways, always double check your application pin configuration before using this adaptor. The Neutrik Plug is wired the same as all Tracer batteries and accessories using Neutrik connectors.


Weight 128 g


Accessory Type

Neutrik, XLR 4 Pin

Cable Rating


Cable Length


Pin Configuration

Neutrik: Pin 1-: Negative, Pin 1+: Positive, XLR: Pins 1&2: Negative, Pins 3&4: Positive

MPN TR8157


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