LiFePO4 Discharge Curve 12v 7ah
Tracer BP2607 Discharge Curve
Lipo Discharge Curve 12v 8ah
Tracer BP2544 Discharge Curve

How to read Discharge Curves

The concept of discharge curves represents how the voltage of a battery changes over time as it discharges its stored energy. It is a graphical representation of the relationship between the battery’s capacity (in ampere-hours) and its voltage output during the discharge process.

In batteries with a flatter discharge curve, the voltage drops gradually and more evenly as the battery discharges. This results in a more consistent voltage supply to the device, such as an LED light, throughout its usage. As a consequence, the LED light will maintain a relatively stable brightness for a longer duration as the battery depletes.

On the other hand, batteries with steeper discharge curves experience a rapid drop in voltage as they discharge. This leads to a noticeable decrease in the brightness of the LED light as the battery’s charge diminishes.

In the above example, when comparing the BP2607 & BP2544, if the devices cut-off voltage was 11Volts, the BP2607 would cut out at 200 Minutes compared to 160 Minutes for the BP2544.

Choosing a battery with a flatter discharge curve is advantageous for voltage critical applications. In LED lighting, it ensures that the LED light remains brighter for an extended period, providing a more predictable and satisfactory user experience.

Discharge Curves & Cut-Off Voltage

In addition to considering the discharge curve when choosing a battery for devices like LED lights, it’s essential to be mindful of the equipment’s operational cut-off voltages. Many devices, including LED lights, have specific voltage requirements below which they may no longer function correctly or may automatically shut down to protect sensitive components. When using a battery with a steeper discharge curve, where the voltage drops more rapidly during discharge, there is a higher likelihood of reaching these operational cut-off voltages sooner.

Ultimately, understanding discharge curves helps users select batteries that align with the specific requirements of their devices, ensuring optimal performance and longer-lasting usage. Whether it’s powering LED lights, electronic gadgets, or other battery-dependent equipment, the discharge curve plays a crucial role in determining the device’s overall performance throughout its battery life.


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