Tracer LiFePO4 to Power Transatlantic Balloon Challenge

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We are delighted to announce that Deborah Scholes and her registered blind husband Mike will be using several LiFePO4 Tracer BP2607-II to power their equipment as they embark on their Transatlantic Balloon Challenge.

They’re flying over 2,700 miles in a Rozier Balloon to raise awareness & funds for Blind Veterans UK. The Challenge is being followed by Guinness World Records and if successful, Deborah will be the First Lady to captain a balloon across the Atlantic and Mike the first registered blind person to crew. 

The flight is scheduled to launch from Sussex, New Brunswick in Canada any time on, or after 7th June 2023, whenever meteorological conditions are favourable.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Pilot – Deborah Scholes
Mike Scholes
Flight Crew – Mike Scholes

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