Powering Durham Lumiere Light Festival

Mick Stephenson is using Tracer 100Ah Li-ion Carry Case kits to power his Diamond Garden installation at Durham Lumiere 2023

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In an unusual turn of events, and possibly a mystical alignment, Tracer Power finds itself at the heart of internationally acclaimed artist Mick Stephenson’s Diamond Garden installation. This mesmerizing artwork is part of the Durham Lumiere light festival, taking place from November 16th to 19th, 2023.

We are thrilled to share this collaboration, having admired the festival for some time. We believe the Tracer 12V 100Ah Li-ion Carry Case Kits will demonstrate the flexibility that battery power can bring to the event for future installations.

The Power of Manifesting

With Durham Lumiere identified as the perfect platform to showcase Tracer Power’s popularity in the lighting sector, the team initially feared missing out on this year’s plans. However, fate intervened as, within a month of considering collaboration with Lumiere, the festival organizers, Artichoke, reached out, offering a golden opportunity to power Mick Stephenson’s installation. It was a series of events that had the team questioning if there really is something to #Manifest

Powering the Diamond Garden

The challenge was to devise the optimal power solution for the Diamond Garden Installation, requiring the battery to sustain a 240 Watt LED light array for an impressive 7 hours each night. After swift calculations, the team settled on two 12V 100Ah Carry Case Kits, ensuring a continuous and captivating display by swapping them out and recharging between viewings. The portability of these kits proved instrumental in meeting this challenge.

The large diamond installation serves as a symbol of the importance of renewable energy in today’s climate. During its creation, young people were educated on the evolution of energy, from Durham’s coal history to the significance of using sustainable energy sources. Durham schoolchildren contributed by creating their own solar lights, which will surround the Diamond Garden, presenting a sparkling and enlightening garden.

Delivering to Schedule

With Lumiere just around the corner, Mick needed the batteries promptly for building them into his installation. The Tracer Power Team turned them around and delivered the kits to Mick Stephenson for testing and familiarisation ahead of the opening night on Thursday, 16th November 2023.

Mick generously granted us full access to his studio and the exhibition setup. Even our Marketing Manager’s 4-year-old daughter got involved in the artwork, adding a delightful touch and kept her engaged during the school holidays.

Durham Lumiere – A Brief Overview and How to See the Diamond Garden

Durham Lumiere stands as a testament to the transformative power of light and art. As one of the premier light festivals in the world, it attracts artists and spectators from around the globe. The festival, organized by Artichoke, has a history of showcasing cutting-edge light installations that redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

The biannual event illuminates Durham City Centre and the surrounding area, offering a spectacular way to spend a winter’s evening. The main areas are ticketed between 4:30-7:30 pm. To learn more or book your FREE tickets visit: Plan Your Visit | Lumiere Festival (lumiere-festival.com)

Stephenson’s Diamond Garden is situated at The College Green, behind Durham Cathedral, and is within the ticketed zone. Don’t miss the chance to witness this captivating collaboration between Mick Stephenson and Tracer Power at Durham Lumiere 2023.

A full case study will be made following Durham Lumiere 2023.

Mick Stephenson & Tracer BP2910
Working on one of the Diamond's panels
The Diamond In Situ


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